Horizon 2020


Europeen Commission Horizon 2020

Europe 2020 is the European Union’s ten-year growth strategy. To substantiate this more tangible, the EU has set five key targets and a strategy drawn up by the seven ‘flagship initiatives’.

The European site will be able to in the future mainly grown through innovative products and new manufacturing technologies compared to the non-European competition. Renewable energies, electric mobility with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions make new demands on people, technology and the environment. In the automotive sector is now working intensively on innovative products to prepare for the future of tomorrow. The “Ronald Hopp Expert Business Development” is linked in a European network and thus successfully able to cooperate in this area with experts from Germany and France.

Our company is active in different clusters and poles of competitiveness in France and Germany, to pursue innovation applications and is working in a politico-economic regional and European context.