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Since 2013/02 in the German market,
SECAM Fixing Solutions, technical partner for plastic and light alloy fixing problems inserts for plastics self-tapping screws , After-Moulding Technology with screw insert, ultrasonic insert, expansion insert, pressed-in insert, moulded-in insert, self-drilling screw, self-tapping screw, fasteners for sheet, standards fasteners

R&D Technology develops standardised assembly cells. Discover our EvoluBox® products for flexibility and scalability or RdBox or for a cost-effective and customisable solution.

Since 2014/09 in the French market

Since 2014/09 in the French market
Fiber Engineering, Fiber Injection Molding (FIM)
Technology with a new fiber blowing process to build 3D fiber parts. Parts could build with no or less offcut with nearly every kind of fibers, also recycling fibers. Especially with this process it is possible to make a part with local different densities. Therefore the parts are lighter and because of less material also cheaper.
• Combination with endless and long fibers in one integrated process for production of
highly loadable, inexpensive parts
• Usage von long fibers for basic structure and endless fibers for high load areas
• Connection of endless fibers with inserts or metal parts

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Expert of relationship marketing Germany – France, our offices located in Lyon, Paris and in the surrounding of Stuttgart provided a efficiently market access !

Analytics and Consulting ; market studies, sourcing, sales and marketing
Business functional activities : exhibitions, prospection, market penetration measures, product implementation, relationship marketing, project management, Interim-Management


Business Development

Development of new business and growth in sales
Implementation of country strategy
Management of sales and technical team
Relationship marketing

Engineering Services

Light construction solutions
Engineering services for mobility
Polymer composites and high performance materials
Manufactering technology and fastening solutions

Euro-Commission Horizon 2020

Expert registered
Participation in calls and projets
Building projet partnership, consortium
Management of projets, studies