Engineering Services

Our engineering network specialist team has core competencies in innovative product development and design (engineering) with polymer materials.
In addition to questions regarding the selection of materials, we deal with the topic of innovative production and fastening technologies surrounding lightweight construction.

Expert of applications for high-performance polymer materials and new materials :

  • Consulting for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, high-performance ceramics, composites materials (GF, CF, long fiber) and technical textiles
  • Material-rechearch and material studies
  • Polymer engineering for injection molding
  • Design and product development
  • Tribology requirements (self-lubricating thermoplastic material, nano-loads)
  • Mechanical structural engineering, FEM static and dynamic, structural matrices,stress analysis, stress concentration, fracture and fatigue mechanics, filling simulations

Sectors :

Automotive / Transport, renewable energies , biomedical, health
defence, aerospace, aeronautics, electronics, others

Applications :

Transmission, fluid components, aggregates, mechatronics, stock-u. Structural parts, hybrid components