founding Business Principles

Our company has committed itself to business relations based on Christian and ethical principles. Sincerity and honesty, as well as a fair and serious treatment of our customers, helps us to develop long-term successful business partnerships and cooperation.

In cooperation with the neighboring countries of the European Union, we want to stand with you as a partner, regarding things like business arrangements and market development. As we strengthen and build up further the European market to an innovational und core competence location, the bilateral cooperation between France and Germany plays a significant role.

The French market is for a lot of German companies an interesting thing, but also a market place which is not easy to cope with. Language barriers, cultural differences and also prejudices, make it at times not so easy to develop business successfully, although good efforts were made for a functioning cooperation.

One key to success can be found in the communication and the respect we show our counterpart. Our French friends, in like manner we Germans, can count on excellent resources in research, development and science. If both sides approach to one another, we will learn from one another and strengthen our business locations.

The Expert Business Development
Master of Engineering Ronald Hopp
Managing Director